A unified GLTF/X3D extension to bring Physically-Based Rendering to the Web

T. Sturm, M. Sousa, M. Thöner, M. Limper

A simple and expressive parameter set for physically based rendering, served as a basis for PBR in the glTF 2.0 standard.
Proc. ACM Web3D 2016
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Mesh Saliency via Local Curvature Entropy

M. Limper, A. Kuijper, D. W. Fellner

This paper introduces a novel method for fast and flexible saliency estimation for weighted mesh simplification on triangle meshes. Weighted simplification is available with InstantUV SDK 1.1.
Proc. Eurographics 2016 (Short Papers)
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Evaluating 3D Thumbnails for Virtual Object Galleries

M. Limper, F. Brandherm, D. W. Fellner, A. Kuijper

Comparing bandwidth consumption of 3D meshes and 2D image series.
Proc. ACM Web3D 2015
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SRC – a Streamable Format for Generalized Web-based 3D Data Transmission

M. Limper, M. Thöner, J. Behr, D. W. Fellner

A proposal for compact 3D mesh encoding for the Web, which helped to shape the binary format of the glTF standard (KHR_binary_glTF).
Proc. ACM Web3D 2014
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Fast Delivery of 3D Web Content: A Case Study

M. Limper, S. Wagner, C. Stein, Y. Jung, A. Stork

A comparative study on the real-world performance of the most widely used 3D mesh data formats for the Web.
Proc. ACM Web3D 2013
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