We are proud and happy to announce the general availability of InstantUV 1.2!

There have been a lot of improvements since v1.1.3, including:

  • Binary glTF 2.0 (.glb) export, for direct viewing of exported models on facebook, in Microsoft Mixed Reality tools, and on many other platforms
  • New HTML5 viewer with improved mobile and touch support
  • New UV atlas packing method, leading to much tighter packings
  • New unwrapping method “conformal” (potentially better quality than “fastConformal”, but slower)
  • New APIs for texture baking and image generation using the InstantUV C++ SDK
  • Baking from point clouds
  • Adjustable normal generation hard angle
  • Customizable prefix for texture filenames
  • Improved return codes for MOPS CLI
  • Bugfixes

As always, InstantUV 1.2 consists of new releases for our InstantUV C++ SDK and for our command line tool MOPS CLI. If you would like to download MOPS CLI 1.2, or if you need an evaluation key, visit this page.