InstantUV Presentation at SIGGRAPH glTF BOF


Last week, during the SIGGRAPH conference in LA, InstantUV head Max Limper gave a short talk about glTF 2.0 export in InstantUV.

The talk was part of the first dedicated glTF Birds of a Feather (BOF) session at SIGGRAPH, organized by the Khronos group. In case you missed it, you can find the slides here and the video here.

General Video

Video: From Digitization to the 3D Web


Wondering how 3D scanning technology and instantUV’s optimization pipeline fit together?

Fraunhofer IGD’s Visual Computing Report video for SIGGRAPH 2015 still gives a nice example of how people make use of instantUV to optimize scanned 3D assets for visualization.

Pedro Santos, head of competence center for cultural hertitage digitization (CHD) and Max Limper, instantUV head of development, explain how CultLab3D and instant3Dhub + instantUV enable people to visualize their real-world assets in 3D on the Web.

Check out the Video or alternatively, if you prefer, the Video in German.