We have just released a new minor version of the InstantUV SDK and MOPS CLI, v1.3.

There are three new features in this version:

  • First experimental version of glTF import (binary and non-binary, triangle data only, not all maps supported yet)
  • New SDK API function transferFromOther (allowing to insert into chart pointer vectors at arbitrary positions)
  • New SDK API function makeSingleIndexed (turns multi-indexed data with aribtrary attributes into a single-indexed representation)

We also added two new settings for export, and modified existing defaults in order to optimally support most use cases out-of-the-box:

  • Option export:unlitMaterials to use KHR_materials_unlit on glTF export
  • Option export:centerModel to center models on export (default: false)
  • Default for unwrapping:method changed to isometric (higher quality, but slower for large meshes)
  • Defaults for segmentation:chartAngleDeg and segmentation:cutAngleDeg adapted to improve quality and performance for average input

As usual, this release comes with a couple of performance improvements and bugfixes:

  • Fixed handling of degenerate topology (primitives with repeating indices)
  • Fixed preservation of existing normals for unwrapping with overlap removal
  • Charts resulting from overlap removal always have consistent ordering
  • Fixed wrong timings for parallelized parts in debug-level log output
  • For setting logging:infoLevel, interpreting values higher as 4 always as DEBUG
  • Performance tweaks
  • Several smaller fixes

In addition, there is now an new tutorial, dedicated to using the –Make_Compact function of MOPS CLI, with a hands-on example on first steps and parameter tweaking.

MOPS CLI 1.3.0 can simply be downloaded and installed as usual, and will, of course, work with all keyfiles valid for 1.x.