InstantUV SDK / MOPS CLI v1.1.2 Released


We are pleased to provide a new maintenance version, v1.1.2, for MOPS CLI and the InstantUV SDK.

MOPS CLI 1.1.2 can simply be downloaded and installed as usual, and will, of course, work with all keyfiles valid for 1.x.

Changes compared to v1.1.1 are robust handling of topologically challenging input data, plus robust handling of degenerate input UVs during baking.

Enhancement General MOPS CLI

InstantUV Team Accepted for FDays® XIII


The InstantUV team, part of Fraunhofer IGD, just got accepted for the latest edition of the renowned German high tech accelerator FDays®.

Conceived, seed-funded and grown by the Fraunhofer Venture Lab in Munich, FDays® (Fraunhofer Days) are an acceleration program tailored to high-tech innovations of all kinds. Possessing an exclusive access to Europe’s largest pool of application-ready technologies, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the FDays® program turns the best teams and business ideas into compelling licensing deals or spin-offs.

With this great opportunity, the InstantUV team is looking forward to further consolidate and professionalize its efforts towards becoming a leading, long-term solution on the market.


InstantUV Presentation at SIGGRAPH glTF BOF


Last week, during the SIGGRAPH conference in LA, InstantUV head Max Limper gave a short talk about glTF 2.0 export in InstantUV.

The talk was part of the first dedicated glTF Birds of a Feather (BOF) session at SIGGRAPH, organized by the Khronos group. In case you missed it, you can find the slides here and the video here.

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