We are pleased to provide a new maintenance version, v1.1.1, for MOPS CLI and the InstantUV SDK.

MOPS CLI 1.1.1 can simply be downloaded and installed as usual, and will, of course, work with all keyfiles valid for 1.x.

Changes compared to v1.1.0 are:

  • Strongly improved baking, leading to significantly less visible texture seams
  • Possibility to segment into much larger, more coherent charts
  • Chart seams are much less “branchy” / complex
  • Strongly improved overlap removal, leading to a significantly smaller number of resulting charts
  • Parameter for max. number of triangles per chart exposed
  • MOPS CLI now accepts user-given segmentations when using “unwrap” standalone
  • BabylonJS viewer and glTF export now use the same texture orientation as OBJ output (images can be shared)
  • Issue that occurred when non-orientable meshes were fed into MOPS CLI got fixed
  • Issue with spiky mesh boundaries in decimated meshes, occurring for some cases when boundary preservation is enabled, got fixed
  • Issues occuring for some pixels during AO filtering got fixed
  • Slightly improved quality of results from decimation
  • Speedups for several parts of the pipeline