v1.1 Announcement: Constraints for Atlas Creation


With InstantUV 1.1, textures atlases can be built with prescribed padding and minimum chart size.

The new version of the MOPS Command Line Interpreter makes this possible by providing new settings for the respective values. In cases where the prescribed values are not possible to keep due to large or badly shaped (elongated) charts, v1.1. of the instantUV C++ library allows you to automatically create as many atlases as needed. This way, you will get more control than before over the quality of the resulting textures.



v1.1 Announcement: Large Model UVs


InstantUV 1.1 will allow for fast UV mapping of large data sets, for example for Lightmap generation.

It has been a while since our last posting! Finally, version 1.1 is getting in shape. As the first and most important new feature to be announced, v1.1 will provide a novel pipeline for fast segmentation and parameterization of large data sets. In constrast to the existing developable segmentation and boundary-optimizing parameterization, algorithms available throught the novel pipeline are providing slightly less optimal results, but still of high quality, within a very small runtime. This way, you will be able to parameterize millions of triangles within a very few minutes, and tens of thousands of triangles within just a few seconds.


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