v1.0 Announcement: Free-Boundary Packing


Version 1.0 of instantUV will introduce a new, highly efficient atlas packing algorithm.

In contrast to the bounding-box based packer of v0.5, this packer operates with free boundaries. Another exciting, rarely seen feature is the capability to optionally use a wrap-around technique, which helps to reduce wasted texture space even further.

New Feature

v1.0 Announcement: Improved Segmentation

With upcoming version 1.0, the high-quality segmentation from v0.5 gets improved even further.

This important part of the instantUV pipeline serves as an input for instantUV’s cut-free, non-overlapping UV generation stage.
Enhancements within the release will include the possibility to freely configure how important a low number of segments is, balanced against minimum stretch and better packing efficiency. Nevertheless, the v1.0 defaults will already be quite useful for a very wide range of use cases, ensuring a low number of seams and minimum texture stretch.