v1.0 Announcement: Ambient Occlusion


The current development version introduces a new exciting feature: Ambient Occlusion!

Being part of the upcoming 1.0 stable release in April, this feature comes in two variants. You can either compute occlusion per vertex and map the result to vertex colors, or you can sample occlusion values directly from the corresponding surface points into each single texel of a texture.


New Feature

instantUV Page Online

Finally, our beautiful new home page went online!

It acts as addition to the previous – and still existing – Web presence of the instant3Dhub Mesh Optimization and Processing Service (MOPS), which is in fact built on the instantUV library.

Within the next few weeks, we will provide more content on this portal, including examples, tutorials, library documentation, and documentation of the MOPS command line interpreter. In addition, we will use this platform to post interesting news about latest developments, and we will show you at this place how people use instantUV to create beautiful and highly efficient 3D assets.

Stay tuned 😉