InstantUV SDK / MOPS CLI v1.1.1 Released


We are pleased to provide a new maintenance version, v1.1.1, for MOPS CLI and the InstantUV SDK. MOPS CLI 1.1.1 can simply be downloaded and installed as usual, and will, of course, work with all keyfiles valid for 1.x. Changes compared to v1.1.0 are: Strongly improved baking, leading to significantly less visible texture seams Possibility […]

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First MOPS CLI Tutorials Online


Finally, the first three tutorials on MOPS CLI are available online. Topics covered are UV mapping, mesh simplification and baking texture maps. Check out the general overview and tutorials at

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MOPS CLI uses BabylonJS for 3D Web Export


The new 3D Web viewer of MOPS CLI is ready for physically-based rendering (PBR) – thanks to the amazing BabylonJS framework. BabylonJS is a complete JavaScript framework for building 3D Web applications. Being developed by folks from Microsoft as an open-source 3D engine, BabylonJS has played a key role in the development of glTF 2.0, […]

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InstantUV SDK / MOPS CLI v1.1 Released


We are proud and happy to announce the general availability of InstantUV SDK / MOPS CLI v1.1. The new release mainly brings two exciting features: fast processing of even large data sets, and a new, PBR-ready 3D Web viewer in MOPS CLI. The enhanced performance is also made possible through a novel, very fast and […]

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Finally: Only Two Days Left Until v1.1


We are happy to announce v1.1 of MOPS CLI and the InstantUV SDK for the end of this week. MOPS CLI v1.1 will finally be available here for download for Windows platforms, starting from Friday, March 31 (PST).  

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New Logo and Homepage


As you probably realized, our homepage just got a fresh new look! Also, MOPS CLI finally got its own logo – we hope you like it 🙂 Along with the preparations for the upcoming v1.1 release, we are currently still adding new content to this homepage, such as online forms for conveniently requesting evaluation keyfiles, […]

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v1.1 Announcement: PBR-Ready Materials


With the upcoming v1.1, the Web-ready exporter of MOPS CLI can output realistic, PBR-ready materials. This is an exciting step forward which allows end users of a 3D application to experience a plausible Physically-Based Rendering (PBR), using the brand new glTF 2.0 format for delivery. Users of MOPS CLI can make their input data look […]

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v1.1 Announcement: Constraints for Atlas Creation


With InstantUV 1.1, textures atlases can be built with prescribed padding and minimum chart size. The new version of the MOPS Command Line Interpreter makes this possible by providing new settings for the respective values. In cases where the prescribed values are not possible to keep due to large or badly shaped (elongated) charts, v1.1. of the […]

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v1.1 Announcement: Large Model UVs


InstantUV 1.1 will allow for fast UV mapping of large data sets, for example for Lightmap generation. It has been a while since our last posting! Finally, version 1.1 is getting in shape. As the first and most important new feature to be announced, v1.1 will provide a novel pipeline for fast segmentation and parameterization of […]

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instantUV @ SIGGRAPH 2016


The instantUV / instant3Dhub team will be pleased to meet you at SIGGRAPH 2016 in Anaheim. Conforming with this year’s motto, Render the Possibilities, we will show you what’s technically possible with instant3Dhub and instantUV. If you are interested in meeting us, write us an EMail or directly drop by at the Web3D Consortium’s booth […]

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