The ultimate Solution for automated UV Mapping and Web-ready 3D Data Optimization

InstantUV is the ultimate solution for automated UV mapping. In addition, the versatile tool MOPS CLI allows you to reduce, texture, and compress your 3D data for the Web, in a fully-automatic fashion.



InstantUV SDK

InstantUV is a library for efficient creation of high-quality UV maps. It is available as a C++ SDK for several target platforms.
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MOPS CLI is a powerful command line tool for texturing and compressing your 3D assets and bringing them to the Web. It is currently available for Windows and Linux.
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InstantUV SDK / MOPS CLI v1.1.1 Released

We are pleased to provide a new maintenance version, v1.1.1, for MOPS CLI and the InstantUV SDK.

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First MOPS CLI Tutorials Online

Finally, the first three tutorials on MOPS CLI are available online.

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MOPS CLI uses BabylonJS for 3D Web Export

The new 3D Web viewer of MOPS CLI is ready for physically-based rendering (PBR) – thanks to the amazing BabylonJS framework.

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